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Winn Dri-Tac Performance Soft Golf Grips - Oversize

  • $ 1059

Beyond its all-weather playability and large profile, this oversize Dri-Tac grip offers the ultimate in comfort, tackiness and shock absorption. It provides maximum shock absorption for arthritic and hand fatigue sufferers.

The oversize Dri-Tac grip provides maximum shock absorption with its large profile while also offering the ultimate in comfort and tackiness in all weather conditions.


  • Model Number:  7DT-NB, 7DT-BK, 7DT-DG
  • Grip Style:  Dri-Tac Oversize
  • Color:  Select from Options
  • Style:  AVS
  • Grip-Size:  Oversize
  • Core-Size:  0.600
  • Firmness:  Comfort
  • Shock-Obsorption:  High
  • Material:  WinnDry
  • Texture:  Moderate
  • Profile:  Tapered
  • Weight:  50 g

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