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Golf Regripping Kits


This kit is tailored to the do-it-yourselfer to have all the products necessary to regrip your golf clubs, including easy-to-follow instructions and products that are proudly made in the USA. The grip kit includes the following:

Convenient individual grip tape strips measuring 2” wide x 10” long for each grip in the kit. This is a premium double-sided solvent-activated grip tape with easy release peel off liner.

4 ounces of non-toxic - non-flammable - low odor grip solvent in convenient pump spray bottle.  Spraying the solvent onto the tape means less waste and mess than pouring!  There is more than enough solvent to re-grip a set and the material is reusable.

The durable, 3.25” long rubber vise clamp will protect and secure any type of shaft material in your vise.  You can use this must-have product for all-around club repair.