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Wilson Staff Infinite Putter "The L"

  • $ 12999

  • The Wilson Infinite® The L™ putter is a sleek, balanced mallet putter optimized for ultimate precision, consistency and control.
  • Introducing the Wilson Infinite® The L™ putter, a large mallet in the deluxe Infinite putter collection. Featuring a new midsize multi-textured, no-taper grip which prevents wrist rotation. "The L" has an anti-glare finish with triple alignment lines to help keep your eye on the ball while dialing in your focus on every single putt. Its double-milled face promotes consistent ball impact, roll and distance control for short-game success.
  • Our double-milled face pattern ensures a consistent feel, roll and perfect distance control no matter the strike location.
  • A thick middle line, with two thinner support lines to either side, optimizes focus allowing you to get dialed in on every single putt.
  • Two tone PVD anti-glare finish reduces distraction, allowing the player to focus solely on the ball as it falls into the hole.

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