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VEGAS GOLF On The Course Golf Game (12 Chip Edition)

  • $ 1995

The Vegas Golf "On The Course" Golf Game is an exciting game that levels the playing field for all golfers. This game is played on the golf course, and only one game is needed per foursome. It begins by golfers agreeing on values for the poker chips before teeing off on the first hole. Each player begins the round with no chips. Golfers want the positive chips and want to avoid the negative chips. The player that has the game hands out the chips as they are earned. The payoff is determined by the last golfer holding the chip at the end of 18 holes. The game can take place over 18 holes or be broken into 9's. Lots of laughs are to be had! Additional features: Authentic poker chips Positive and negative chips Free chip pouch included This NEW Edition comes with 2 Free Bonus Chips! (Grave Digger and Eagle Chip) our most popular new chips.

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