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U.S. Kids Ladylight Women's Driver

U.S. Kids Ladylight Women's Driver

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*Due to manufacture restrictions, this product is available in store only.  Please stop by, call or e-mail for details and availability!  Thanks!

The Ladylight lineis specially designed for beginner women. The flexible graphite shafts with the right club head weight help the developing player getthe ball up in the air with ease and hit it farther. TheAV1 Driver is built tomaximizespeed and distance off the tee. Players can achieve greater clubhead speed because the driver head weighs 10% less than adult drivers. An optimum launch angle is produced by the inverted cone shape and low center ofgravity, meaning longer drives and shorter approach shots.


  • Optimal Height Range 63 in. to 66 in. tall
  • AV1 clubhead model (10% lighter than adult)
  • 440cc Beta Forged Titanium
  • 42 in. finished club length
  • 15 degree loft
  • 100% graphite shaft is frequency matched
  • Low flex point for optimal ball flight
  • Appropriate sized grips (replacements available)
  • Headcover included

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