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Tour Edge Hot Launch C524 Women's Combo Set

  • $ 69999

The Hot Launch C524 Iron set is available as a combo set that allows golfers to replace their long irons with Hot Launch C524 Hybrids. This combination provides an extremely versatile iron set available for golfer’s seeking Competition Game Improvement spec clubs.

The men’s C524 series combo set comes with #4 and #5 Hot Launch C524 Hybrids as the 4 and 5 in the set. Hot Launch C524 Irons are featured as the 6-iron through Pitching Wedge.

This versatile combo hybrid/iron set for the moderate swing speed player, looking for a forgiving undercut cavity back iron that will maximize forgiveness and launch, while also providing two matching hybrids designed to achieve maximum distance with longer iron shots.

An extremely high MOI tightens dispersion and increases overall accuracy in this compact hybrid design, while the C524 Irons are maximum distance and forgiveness irons in a traditional cavity back design.

    C524 Hybrid

    The Hot Launch C524 Hybrid provides an extremely high Moment of Inertia (MOI) that tightens dispersion and increases overall accuracy in a compact design. This hybrid is for the player seeking optimal launch and spin rates in a minimal offset design, while still enjoying the benefits of extreme playability.

    MOI-Boosting Rear Sole Weight - A back weight is strategically placed to the extreme rear of the clubhead that places more mass at the extreme trailing edge of the clubhead. The back weight creates an extremely high MOI rating for top in-line stability. This weighting dramatically affects a lower and deeper CG positioning of the club for ease of launch and more forgiveness off the face at impact.

    Diamond Face VFT - Diamond Face VFT technology is a breakthrough in face technology that features 34 different thick and thin diamond shapes or “mini-trampolines” behind the face. Diamond Face VFT produces a hotter face with faster ball speeds and better performance on off-center hits, as well as reduced spin.

    Sole Rail Design- A sole rail design on all C524 metals that extends from leading edge to trailing edge. The new sole rail design produces a super-low CG for high-launching shots with optimized spin rates, decreased turf interaction and maximum ball speed off the face. The rail design lowered the CG by 22% on the heel and toe compared to the C523, making it easier to achieve greater power and increased forgiveness.

    New Exotics Player Preferred Shaping - The more compact profile and deeper face of the C524 Hybrid was inspired by the Exotics C722 series and was designed with the competitive player in mind. The C524 Hybrid design sits open and has a more pear-shaped traditional design that players look for at address. This versatile hybrid will play from the tee, fairway, rough and around the green.

    C524 Irons

    Hot Launch C524 irons combine maximum distance and forgiveness in a traditional cavity back design. The C524 Irons are made from extremely soft 431 stainless steel, providing superior feel and performance.

    VIBRCOR Technology –10% more VIBRCOR high-grade TPU strategically placed in the deep undercut pocket to create a speed-inducing and feel enhancing internal technology. VIBRCOR creates a distinct feel of the clubhead at impact that dampens sound and shock, while also creating perimeter weighting around the entire clubhead for maximum forgiveness and power and ball speed enhancement off the face.

    New Filled Cavity Exotics Inspired Shaping - A new filled-in cavity look and feel due to the additional VIBRCOR added to the C iron. The C524 Iron combines the best of form and function with added feel and performance benefits that places it squarely in the ‘players’ game-improvement iron’ category that is emerging in the marketplace.

    Wide Sole / Deep Undercut Design - The wide sole of the C524 Iron and its deep 360- degree undercut cavity is optimized for playability, turf interaction and ease of launch. The wider sole of the C524 offers superior bounce and increases launch for cleaner, highflying shots. The wider sole design leads to cleaner turf interaction for more consistent shot making. The 360° undercut cavity creates more face flexing and faster ball speed across the entire face.

    Toe Weighted Design - Advanced toe weighting has been strategically increased and made more visible in the new C524 Iron design. This added toe weighting maximizes stability on impact and provides better off center hit distance from the face. It also elongates the sweet spot and creates a pure feel off the face of the irons.

    Power Lofted Setup - The lower and deeper CG allowed the C524 irons to be power lofted to create an extreme distance iron. Power lofting in this forgiving iron design promotes both distance & optimized height that achieves maximum distance without sacrificing the peak apex trajectory.

    Ultra-Light Premium Shafts - The C524 Iron comes stock with an ultra-light ALDILA ASCENT PL (Performance Light) graphite shaft. It is also available in a True Temper Elevate MPH 95 steel shaft as a stock option. The ALDILA ASCENT PL provides lightweight performance with faster club head speeds without sacrificing feel. ASCENT PL technology is designed to resist ovaling, keeping the club head in position and creating more center-face contact. ALDILA ASCENT PL is best for golfers seeking lightweight performance and additional speed without sacrificing stability.

    The True Temper Elevate MPH 95 steel shaft is designed to combat the low spin industry trend. Elevate MPH (Maximum Peak Height) is the lightest and highest launching Elevate shaft ever made, allowing for maximum speed and carry distance.

    Stock Graphite Shaft: Aldila Ascent PL Series (55-gram A-Flex, 56-gram Regular Flex, 60-gram Stiff Flex)

    Stock Steel Shaft: True Temper Elevate MPH 95 (95-gram Regular Flex, 95-gram Stiff Flex)

    Stock Grip: Men’s Std Lamkin 360 (R, S Flex) • Men’s Midsize Lamkin 360 (A Flex)

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