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Tour Edge Hot Launch 2 Chipper (37°)

  • $ 6995

The Hot Launch 2 Chipper features a heavy, super-wide sole that cuts through rough easily for consistent, clean contact from greenside lies.  For maximum responsiveness, the club features a 431 stainless steel head that delivers a soft feel and a delicate touch.

The club head itself helps to eliminate miss-hits around the green compliments of it's heel and toe weighting.  For added forgiveness, the chipper's design also incorporates a radiused sole that minimizes turf contact and a slender neck that eliminates "grabbing" by longer grass.

The 37° loft is ideal for versatile shot-making and delicate speed control.  For even greater touch, the Hot Launch 2 offers an extended-length chipper grip that allows for choking-up and added flexibility around the green.

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