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Tour Edge Bazooka JMax Draw Ironwoods (Left Hand Only)

  • $ 2499
  • Save $ 45

The best-selling JMAX Iron-Wood continues to evolve from the revolutionary first design that spearheaded a new direction in golf club development.

The Iron-Wood’s long irons feature an ultra-wide sole while the sole of the scoring irons narrows considerably for maximum playability throughout the set.

The evolution of weight position technology is realized in this easy-to-hit new design. The Iron-Wood’s hollow, hyper steel head features an internal weight pad in the sole which lowers and progressively deepens the club’s center of gravity (CG) through the set. The CG is positioned higher and closer to the face in the scoring irons for better feel and control and is deeper and lower in the long irons for high flying shots. The advanced body design features a sculpted skirt and sole to minimize ground contact and produce clean, crisp shots.

- Tri-level sole minimizes ground contact for better accuracy

- Progressive sole width maximizes the playability of each club


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