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Madewell Products The Original Bag Shag Golf Ball Retriever

  • $ 5699

The Original BAG SHAG® is a hand held, golf ball retrieving device used to improve practice time. It also reduces back strain associated with repetitive bending to pick up golf balls. It's the only retriever of its kind that's MADE IN THE USA. It holds 75 golf balls and we will guarantee it from defects for 5 years!


The Madewell Difference:

For more than 70 years, Madewell Products has produced a quality line of golf products and accessories. Our Original Bag Shag design has stood the test of time with its unmatched quality and durability. The Original Bag Shag is the only hand held golf ball retriever made in the USA.

Unlike other products that have to be completely thrown away with even the slightest damage, the Bag Shag is designed with parts that can be replaced, or repaired. After several decades of experience, we've learned what it takes to make a quality product that customers can rely on, and here's a few reasons why we stand behind our product.  

An Aircraft grade Aluminum handle is used due to its high strength-to-weight ratio. Allowing our Bag Shag to remain light weight, durable, and used in conditions where the non-corrosive nature of aluminum is important.

Brass zippers are used for it's rust and corrosion-resistant properties, but also because Brass has relatively low friction when compared to other common metals. This means that over time, our bags remain consistently smoother and easier to open than less-quality products.

Bag Shag Zipper
Bag Shag Spring Clip We chose to work with a specific type of Stainless steel for our golf ball retrieval Spring Clips. Our clips offer the strength, hardness, and corrosion resistance properties that are needed for a product to last for years and years.
Our bags are made with an Industrial performance Nylon fabric. We chose this fabric for it's superior strength and abrasion resistance while maintaining greater flexibility. The inner lining of the Bag Shag fabric has been coated for water resistance.  Bag Shag Bag

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