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Super Stroke Zenergy 3.0 Tour 17" Golf Putter Grips

  • $ 3799


TOUR 3.0-17

Introducing the highly sought-after Tour 3.0 17" putter grip, now in high demand after its triumphant victory at the 2023 U.S. Open. Measuring 6.4 inches longer than the standard grip and 3.25 inches longer than XL grips, the Tour 3.0-17" putter grip combines innovation, performance, and versatility.

It can serve as a counterbalance option by shifting the weight above the hands and elevating the balance of the putter to deliver golfers a more consistent stroke. It can also be used to achievee an armlock setup by positioning the grip up the forearm.

Spyne+ Technology - Improve Accuracy

The new Spyne+ has an improved, embossed ridge along the underside of the grip making it easier for golfers to square the face at impact

Multi-Zone Texturing - Enhanced Feedback

Stategically placed textures in high sensory areas designed to optimize feedback and comfort fromthe incredibly soft polyurethane outer layer.

No Taper Technology - Even Grip Pressure

Our patented No Taper technology minimizes grip pressure with an advanced parallel design that enables golfers to quiet their hands and add consistency to their stroke. 

Please Note: This putter grip does not come with a Tech-Port and cannot house a CounterCore Weight.  

Super Stroke Zenergy Tour 3.0-17 Grip Specifications

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