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Stinger Golf Tees

  • $ 299
  • Save $ -2.99

  • Wood / Bamboo
  • Imported
  • Traditional look and feel
  • Less resistance due to a smaller tee head
  • Increased ball speed and reduced spin
  • Increased distance
  • High quality, high performance


It is no accident that this is our most popular tee. The 2 3/4" Pro XL tee is designed to suit the preferences of most players on the teeing ground. It enables a golfer to tee the ball high enough to accommodate the larger headed drivers, but is not considered an oversized, specialty length tee.

This length tee is geared toward those who have a preference to tee the ball higher than the average player. A player who correctly uses the 3 1/4" Pro XL will tee the ball near or above the top edge of the driver's clubface. This tee is also ideal for golfers playing on tee boxes where the grass is not closely mown.

In a robotic test by Golf Laboratories, Inc., 3" Stinger Competition Tees were compared to a traditional 2 3/4" golf tee. A robot swung a Callaway Great Big Bertha™ driver with 10 degrees of loft at 95 MPH. The results speak for themselves:

  • The golf ball left the Stinger Competition Tee 2 MPH faster
  • The golf ball spun an average of over 500 RPM less off the Stinger Competition tee
  • The golf ball had a slightly higher trajectory and carried farther off the Stinger Competition tee
  • The golf ball traveled 14 yards further on average


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