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Saintnine U-Pro Tour Golf Balls

  • $ 3999

 3-Piece Performance Urethane Golf Ball

Image of U-Pro Tour golf ball specifications.

  • Cover - 2 piece urethane cover
  • Construction - 3-piece
  • Core - High energy performance Nex-Gen core 90 compression core
  • Dimple - 332 dimple construction for ideal flight stability and launch trajectory
  • Performance - The Saintnine U-PRO Tour is designed to provide golfers with exceptional distance, alongside an added level of control and feel. The mid-to-high trajectory ball flight keeps players in control of their shots, without sacrificing distance.
  • Player Profile - Designed for mid to low handicap golfers that are looking for a bit more control and feel out of their game. The U-PRO Tour’s premium urethane cover provides an additional feel on and around the green. Constructed to maintain maximum distance to spin ratio with an additional level of control and feel for the better player.
  • Mental Mates - Mental Mates correspond with the ball numbers listed belowImage of the corresponding Mental Mate with each numbered ball.

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