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Orlimar Golf Intercept Single Length Iron Set

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The Orlimar Intercept Single Length irons are all about developing consistency. By being all the same length, lie, balance and weight as a 7-iron, there is no need to change your posture, stance or ball position so you only have one thought process for every swing with your irons and wedges. Game improvement features include enhanced perimeter weighting by focusing weight where it is needed for golfers to experience a more solid feel and with precision accuracy. FlexFace Technology in the #5 and 6-irons help boost distance and ensure proper distance gaps and trajectories throughout the set. Head Material: Stainless steel, Shaft: Orlimar 95 Steel or Intercept Graphite, Grip: Orlimar Custom Velvet
Model Loft Lie Offset Length
5 23.5º 63.0º 4 mm 37.0”
6 27º 63.0º 3.5 mm 37.0”
7 31º 63.0º 3 mm 37.0”
8 35º 63.0º 3 mm 37.0”
9 40º 63.0º 2 mm 37.0”
PW 45º 63.0º 2 mm 37.0”
GW 50º 63.0º 2 mm 37.0”
Graphite-shafted sets are 1/4" longer



Are you confused with where to place the ball in your stance or how far to stand from the ball from one club to the next? Not anymore. Get more consistent with the Orlimar Intercept Single Length Irons and improve your score.

group of Orlimar Intercept Single Length Irons


Redistributes weight around towards the perimeter and rear of the clubhead to increase the MOI and promote superior accuracy.

Orlimar' Intercept Sinle Length Iron advanced undercut cavity


To help boost distance and ensure proper distance gaps and trajectories throughout the set, the #5 and 6 irons have an ultra-thin face that works like the face of a modern driver.

diagram of Orlimar Intercept Single Length Iron Flex Face Technology
Swing planes of typical iron set versus a single length set


Clubs of the same length foster one swing thought process for your irons and wedges. Different lofts and face thicknesses ensure proper distance gapping in the set. Each club features the same length, lie and head weight so all clubs feel the same which in turn allows for greater swing consistency from one swing to the next.

Orlimar Intercept single length iron toe profiles of an entire set

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