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Maxfli Golf Ball & Club Magnetic Pick Up Screw In Retriever

  • $ 1299

Simplify golf ball retrieval on the green with the Magnetic Golf Ball Pick-Up. This compact, easy-to-use device screws into the butt end of your putter for at-hand usability on the green. Simply unfold the arms and grasp the golf ball from the hole or putting surface. After you retrieve the ball, fold the arms back into the device to prevent interference during your next stroke.

  • Easy-to-use device picks up golf ball without bending over
  • Screws into the butt of your putter grip for at-hand access
  • Magnet and foldable arms secure golf ball from hole
  • Compact folding design for no stroke interference
  • Magnet picks up extra clubs around the green also, no bending over for that wedge!

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