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Lamkin Golf Sink Fit Pistol Putter Grip

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The midsize SINKFIT Pistol Rubber grip featuring Lamkin’s Fingerprint Technology and Genesis Material to provide a responsive feel, optimized surface tack, and unmatched durability. The grip is particularly ideal for golfers with an arc and arc-to-straight putting style when utilizing a traditional overlap, reverse overlap or cross-handed grip style.


  • Proprietary Fingerprint Technology featuring a consistent micro-texture pattern for outstanding grip comfort with lighter surface traction
  • Made with Genesis Material that is slightly softer than traditional rubber, but with superior durability
  • Traditional pistol shape that encourages proper hand positioning, wrist alignment, and assists in the release of the putter head at impact for a more controlled, consistent putting stroke
Part Number Grip Description Core Size Nominal Weight
101491 Pistol Rubber Black/ Blue 0.58" 120g

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