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Karma 360 Revolution Golf Grips

  • $ 299

What is the best golf grip for today's adjustable golf clubs? It is the Karma Revolution grips, which feature a classic color scheme with a familiar and proven grip pattern. The 360-degree design (no logo on the body) is ideal with adjustable drivers, fairway woods and hybrids.
3 Karma Revolution grip caps, one of each size (standard, midsize and jumbo)

No Alignment Necessary

Symmetrical design all the way around the grip means the same look regardless of shaft or head orientation.

Symmetrical Karma Revolution surface pattern

Easy Installation

No alignment installation means this grip can be installed quickly and easily, even for beginning clubmakers or to those on busy assembly lines.

Karma Revolution grip on a golf club that is in a bench vise

Durable Performance

The Karma Revolution grip feature a soft rubber compound.

Up-close view of the Karma Revolution surface pattern
Model # Weight Grip Size Core Size Grip Shape
RF155 46 Standard 0.600" Round
RF185 55 Midsize 0.600" Round
RF186 65 Jumbo 0.600" Round
RF248 51 Standard 0.600" Round
RF249 55 Midsize 0.600" Round
RF250 65 Jumbo 0.600" Round

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