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Intech Golf Impact Bag

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Practicing with the Intech Golf Impact bag for just 15 minutes a day can help you develop better rhythm, technique, endurance, consistency and distance, while encouraging muscle memory and a flat left wrist (for a RH golfer) at impact for on-target shots. This can be used to help winterize your game in the off-season or during the season it can provide same quality practice time at home as hitting countless balls at the range. Easy set-up: fill with towels, clothes, sheets or any cloth-type material through the zippered opening, zip it up and you are ready to practice. Use at home or out on the range and it is safe to use for your golf clubs. Product dimensions: 15" diameter x 10" high.

Set Up

  1. Unfold the Intech Golf Impact Bag.
  2. Insert towels, clothes, sheets or any cloth-type material through the zippered opening.  Do not over-stuff the bag or place heavy or hard objects inside to avoid injury or damage.
  3. Zip it up and you are ready to practice.

Tips / Usage

There are a multitude of ways you can use your Intech Golf Impact Bag to help improve your impact position as proven by the tens of thousands of instructional videos available on-line.  You can consult your local PGA professional to provide you with drills to work on your individual golf game.

  1. Align yourself to the Intech Golf Impact Bag with the target being the center of the Intech logo (or the letter “e”).
  2. Make sure to position your hands ahead of the clubhead at address with the bag to promote solid contact. Over time, muscle memory and the sensation you encounter with the bag will develop the habit of hitting down with the club and keeping the hands ahead of the club.
  3. Swing no more than 75% of your natural swing; NEVER SWING AT 100%.

Usage with the Loop (optional)

There may be times where you want the bag to remain stationary or pivot.  On the opposite side of the Intech logo, there is a loop at the bottom of the bag.  This is for a cut-off shaft or alignment rod to be inserted through it and into the ground (not included).  If you make impact on the Intech logo and the bag does not spin, then you know you hit the bag with a square face.  If the bag spins left, then you made an outside-in path (for a RH golfer), but if the bag spins right, an inside/out path was made.

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