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GolfForever Original Swing Trainer

  • $ 19900



At-Home Golf Fitness and Health:

  • 44.5 inch training bar with attachment points for training cord or weighted balls.
  • Durable, 15-pound Latex Training Cord with Nylon safety sleeve which combines with the bar or the included handles to create two distinct golf-exercise tools.
  • Two quick-interchange, sweat-resistant rubber handles that attach to the Latex Training Cord to create resistance bands.
  • Universal Nylon door anchor which attaches to any door in the home or gym.
  • Two easy-to-attach polymer carabiners which allow the Swing Trainer to be anchored to any sturdy object when a door isn’t available.
  • 30 days of FREE access to GOLFFOREVER, including full access to the GOLFFOREVER library of over 500 instructional videos and a daily golf fitness program customized to your body, goals and any pre-existing pain and injuries.

Warm Up Before Your Round:

  • Optimized Weighted Warmup Club
- D3 Swing Weight Quick-Interchange Weighted Ball (green) that mimics the dynamic feel of your driver, but 2.5x heavier to help you loosen up properly
  • Heavier Quick-Interchange Weighted Ball option (gray) for a slightly overloaded feel and speed training workouts

  • Premium Carry Bag


Golf requires a strong, flexible body that won’t break down to play your best and avoid injury. Many golf training aids, especially speed training aids, force you into unnatural positions that can do more harm than good – and even hurt you.

That’s why we’ve designed the first golf training tool that helps you safely improve three keys to gain distance and consistency: flexibility, balance and speed.

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