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Dynacraft Golf Club Groove Sharpener Tour Tool

  • $ 999
  • Save $ 2.96

The Dynacraft Golf Groove Sharpener Tour Tool is designed to clean your club’s grooves to provide optimal back spin and control with your irons, wedge and utility clubs. The V-shaped cutting tip is made of high grade steel and most importantly angled to making easier to work the tool back and forth over the face of the club. The knurled handle and protective cap are aluminum for an ergonomic feel and slip resistant grip. Just run this tool down each groove 3 or 4 times and within minutes your worn grooves will be revitalized. The Dynacraft Golf Groove Sharpener Tour Tool comes in a protective storage case and easily fits in your golf bag or can be attached with the key chain included. It is available in five colors (Black, Blue, Gold, Red and Silver) and comes with six ball markers.

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