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Clicgear Golf Push Cart Accessories

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Authentic accessories that will add even more features and customization to your Clicgear or Rovic golf cart!

Choose from:

  • Clicgear Umbrella Spacer - The Clicgear Spacer is designed to increase the height of all umbrella mounted accessories by 1".  Spacer easily screws into the umbrella mount.
  • Clicgear Booster Clip - The Clicgear Booster Clip can help to raise stand & tour bags that need more clearance above the front wheel.
    Easily clips on to the bottom bag rest bar (part of the cart).  Can be used simultaneously with the Tour Bag Kit to adjust your bag position.
  • Clicgear Ball Clip - The Clicgear Ball Clip provides additional golf ball storage.  Holds 3 golf balls.  Additional accessory tab is included.
  • Clicgear Bag Cozy - The Clicgear Bag Cozy is designed to secure golf stand bags to our carts.  Attaches to the upper bag saddle using velcro straps.  Comes with 3 Adjustable Bag Cushions to help customize fit.
  • Clicgear Bag Extension Kit - The Clicgear Bag Extension Kit accommodates LONGER style golf bags for your cart.  Adds up to 3" saddle length, creating a secure fit.  Some installation required.
  • Clicgear Shoe Brush - The Clicgear Shoe Brush attaches to the wheel strut for easy shoe cleaning and detaches for use as a hand brush.
    Heavy nylon reinforced plastic with sturdy bristles.
  • Clicgear Cooler Bag - The Clicgear Cooler Bag stores your drinks and snacks while out on the course. Holds up to 6 cans in the lower insulated pocket with plenty of room in the upper pocket for snacks.  Also features a mesh pocket for an ice pack.
    Insulated to ensure your food and drinks stay cold or hot.
  • Clicgear Club Brush - The Clicgear Club Brush keep your belongings clean.  Clips on easily to an accessory tab.  Strong bristles. Accessory tab included.
  • Clicgear Cigar Holder - The Clicgear Cigar Holder attaches to the accessory mount.  Comes in 2 sizes to accommodate ALL cigars, cigarettes, even pencils.  Made from flame retardant rubber. Accessory mount tab included.
  • Clicgear Cup Holder Plus - The Clicgear Cup Holder Plus clips on to an accessory tab.  Same as the standard cup holder included on all Model 3.5+ or newer carts. Accessory tab is included.
  • Clicgear Cup Holder XL - The Clicgear XL Cup Holder accommodates over-sized drink containers.  Clips on to an accessory tab.  Clicgear's largest cup holder. Accessory tab included.
  • Clicgear Cart Seat - The Clicgear Cart Seat provides a stable and durable platform to rest on. Take a load off your feet!  Aluminum construction with quality fit and finish, ensures a long lasting addition to your cart.  Rated for 220 lbs maximum weight. Some installation required.
  • Clicgear Cooler Tube - The Clicgear Cooler Tube allows for easy cold drink storage on the course.  Easily holds 2x 12oz beverage cans or one 32oz water bottle.  Insulated, waterproof nylon. Interior measures 4.5"D x 10"H.
  • ProActive Sports View GPS Holder - The PAS View GPS Holder features a universal design that fits most GPS and other portable electronic devices.  Attaches to the Umbrella Mount, mounting knob included.
  • Clicgear GPS / Phone Holder - Fits ALL Clicgear & Rovic Models as well as Sun Mountain Carts!  The Clicgear GPS / Phone Holder is designed to securely hold your handheld devices.  Comes with 2 sets of installation hardware for 2 separate devices.  Phone cases recommended, not included. Can be used in conjunction with other umbrella mount accessories.
  • Clicgear Towel - The Clicgear Towel is designed to snap right onto any golf bag or cart.  Features a built-in scour pad for club cleaning inside the tri-fold design.  Made from quality microfiber materials.
  • Clicgear Mitts - The Clicgear Mitts is a welcomed addition for golfing in colder weather.  Features a pouch for hand warmers. One size fits all.
    Water-resistant exterior, plush interior to keep your hands cozy.
  • Clicgear Rangefinder / Valuables Bag - The Clicgear Rangefinder Bag allows easy access to your rangerfinder or other valuables while on the course.  Features a zippered and magnetic flap closure for quick access.  Insulated, waterproof nylon. Interior measures 6"W x 3.5"H.
  • RainTek Golf Bag Cover - The RainTek Golf Bag Cover protects your gear. Features easy club access, convenient side and lower pocket access, rainproof scorecard pocket and a high wind protection strap.  Structural foam hood and full bag design.
  • Clicgear Rain Cover - The Clicgear Rain Cover completely covers your bag and clubs, providing weather protection.  Top and side zippers allow for easy access to your bag pockets. Quick clips for easy and secure fastening to your push cart.  Durable, lightweight nylon with waterproof zippers. Drawstring storage bag included.
  • Clicgear Travel Cover - The Clicgear Travel Cover keeps your cart safe when you travel.  The padded bag features a full zipper for easy access and has space for shoes and other items.  Made with tough, waterproof nylon.
  • Clicgear Soft Seat Cover - The Clicgear Soft Seat Cover provides a soft padding over the cart seat.  Durable polyester and foam.
  • Clicgear Storage Hook - The Clicgear Storage Hook is a great way to stay organized, hang your cart out of the way when not in use.  Instructions and mounting screws included.
  • Clicgear Mesh Storage Net - The Clicgear Mesh Storage Net allows an extra large storage unit for items like rain gear, extra clothing, backpack, etc.  Durable nylon mesh for extended use and easy maintenance.  Designed to be able to stay on the cart during fold / unfold.
  • Clicgear Steering Knob - The Clicgear Steering Knob is designed to make turning and steering your cart much easier.  Screws into the umbrella mount.  Ergonomic design that works for both right & left hand preferences.
  • Clicgear Shaft - The Clicgear Shaft is designed to add soft protection to your golf clubs while traveling.  Features wrap-around club strap to keep clubs secure and a protective hood for storage.  Patented design that offers 30% more protection than competing products.
  • Clicgear Wheeled Travel Cover - The Clicgear Wheeled Travel Cover keeps your cart safe when you travel.  Made from tough, padded, splash-proof polyester. The bag has a rubberized bottom and 2 large internal pockets for shoes and other items.  Effortless transportation w/pull handle and smooth in-line wheels. Great for college teams that travel frequently.
  • Clicgear Tour Bag Kit - The Clicgear Tour Bag Kit accommodates TOUR style golf bags for your cart.  Keeps clubs in a vertical position for easy removal and replacement.  Some installation required. Bag straps NOT included (use existing straps).
  • Clicgear Umbrella - The Clicgear Umbrella is ideal for both sunny and rainy conditions.  Oversized 68" double canopy umbrella.  Made with waterproof and UV clear-coated nylon.
  • Clicgear Umbrella Angle Adjuster - The Clicgear Umbrella Angle Adjuster easily adjusts the angle of your umbrella, front to back as well as side to side.  Additionally, raises your umbrella approx. 3" higher than the standard holder.
  • Clicgear Wheel Cover - The Clicgear Wheel Cover is great for off-season storage and keeping your vehicle clean.  Nylon elastic fits snug over wheels.
  • Clicgear Watch MountFits ALL Clicgear & Rovic Models as well as ANY cart brand w/1" tubing!  The Clicgear Watch Mount is designed to hold your watch.  Attaches to the handle of the cart or along any exposed tubing.  Made from durable rubber.

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