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Cleveland Women's Smart Sole Full-Face Wedge

  • $ 14999

This ultra-forgiving Wedge system includes four specialized clubs to fulfill every short-game shot on the course. Featuring our largest faces, extra wide Three-Tiered Soles, plus HydraZip spin and UltiZip groove technologies, Smart Sole Full-Face takes the guesswork out of Wedge plays and makes it easy to get on the green in one swing.



It's simple math. Our all-new larger faces coupled with new all-over grooves give you more striking area. But not just a little more, you get up to 46% more striking area than coinciding Smart Sole 4 models. And, no, that's no typo. We said 46%.

Plus, because the striking area got significantly bigger, MOI went up big too, increasing forgiveness—especially on shots off the toe—so you get fewer miss-hits.


Our proprietary HydraZip face technology features a dynamic blast and laser-milled line system to enhance surface friction, maximizing spin consistency in wet or dry conditions, and from anywhere around the green.


For Smart Sole Full-Face, three different blast media and laser-milled line patterns are used. Due to its low loft, the Chipper requires less of a rough face blast and less lines to maximize its spin performance. The Gap Wedge, with its slightly higher loft, gets a slightly rougher blast and more lines. And the Sand and Lob Wedges, with their highest lofts, receive the roughest blast and the most lines to increase friction and improve consistency.


UltiZip face technology produces a specialized sequence of sharper, deeper, and tighter grooves to provide ultimate short-game spin, control, consistency, and bite.

Sharper grooves let you slice through grass and debris. Deeper grooves create space for grass, sand, dirt, or water to evacuate the impact zone. Tighter grooves offer more serious bite and better edge contact. Plus, since they're tighter, we added even more heel-to-toe grooves than the norm.


There's nothing more disappointing than getting in scoring position and chunking the Wedge shot. So we refined these soles to give you more efficient turf interaction through first and second cuts, rough, sand, and even hardpan.

Each Wedge is given increased bounce at its leading edge to resist digging. Then, our new, extra wide Three-Tiered Soles add stability to help ensure a cleaner, crisper contact and maximum forgiveness.

C 42° RH* 66° 34" D3
G 50° RH* 64° 34.5" C6
S 58° RH* 64° 34.25" C8
L 64° RH* 64° 34" C8

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