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Bionic Golf Women's RelaxGrip 2.0 Glove

  • $ 1799

Getting the grip right is among the most challenging aspects of golfing. The new RelaxGrip® 2.0 golf gloves add an extra relaxation layer to your hand, providing instant control and balance. The breathable, elastic honeycomb design and Terrycloth lining creates a snug hand climate and getting into the Zone comes more naturally – as does your performance.

Golf is a game of balance. Grip the club too tightly, and you’ll tense up your body. Hold it too lightly, and you’ll end up with a limp handshake and so-so results. Plus, a body too tense or lax creates mental stress, and that’s the last thing you need to make the ball go where you want it to be.

We engineered a tool that helps you achieve this balance – without any extra effort. Our new RelaxGrip® 2.0 glove helps you to effortlessly increase your performance and have more fun playing your favorite game.

Auto-Relax.  Feel Secure.

Getting the grip right is among the most challenging aspects of golfing that can create a fair amount of mental stress. Like a winter glove automatically warms your hands, the RelaxGrip 2.0 adds an extra relaxation layer to your hand, providing instant relief and balance.

Get a Confident Grip.  Stay in Control.

Twisting your hand even a tiny bit during downswing will make the ball diverge from its path by a dozen yards. You’re in full control of your swing only when you grip the club with the exact right amount of pressure. The RelaxGrip 2.0 with its patented pad system keeps each part of your hand right where you need it to be – down to the fraction of an inch.

Get in the Zone. A/C included.

Your hands are delicate machines that work best in conditions just warm and dry enough. The breathable elastic honeycomb design and Terrycloth lining of the new RelaxGrip 2.0 create an ideal hand climate, and getting into the Zone comes more naturally – as does your performance.

Look Sharp

Did we mention that this glove looks great on you? Many golfers want to look great without making too much of a fuss. After all, understatement is part of the delicate balance of the game. The RelaxGrip 2.0 reveals its special features only at second glance. Once your friends find out why you’re so relaxed and good-looking, you’ll be glad about the tight-fit Velcro strap that secures the glove to your hand only.

Putt with Ease

Many golfers remove their glove when retrieving the putter from the bag. This is a hassle, and it quickly wears down their gloves. With its patented relief pad system, web and motion zones, and improved moisture management, keep the RelaxGrip 2.0 on your hand during the entire game.

Last Longer

After a great day at the links, you have better things to do than cleaning your gloves. Just toss your RelaxGrip 2.0 in the washing machine to keep it clean and hygienic without the hassle. Be sure to secure the Velcro strap, use a mild detergent at low temp, cycle gently and don’t bleach. Put it in the dryer only if you want your kids to wear it. (Just kidding. Let it air dry, and it’ll be fine.)


¨ Achieve a lighter, better grip - Strategically placed patented anatomical relief pad system helps even out the surface of your hand.

¨ Shoot straighter and more accurately -The double row finger grip system, helps improve grip strength by adding more contact to the club.

¨ Reduced hand fatigue - Patented pre-rotated finger design complements the natural closure of the hand.


¨ Enjoy better range of motion, fit and feel - Lycra gussets alongside web and motion zones that help minimize bunching of material.

¨ Simple and quick removal with our easy grab-tab.


¨ Improved moisture control is provided by Terrycloth micro-pads inside the gloves.

¨ Maximum breathability is achieved with Lycra motion and web zones.


¨ Increased elasticity and durability achieved with high-grade Japanese synthetic honey comb back and synthetic.

¨ Cool sleek look with the new high-tech embossed honey comb material.

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