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Grip Master Strapping

  • $ 1799

The Grip Master Leather Genuine Cowhide Strapping allows clubmakers to create an unlimited amount of grip sizes for their customers when used along with The Grip Master Underlistings (GMUL). The underlistings are offered in both standard and midsize options but can be built up to any grip size by using build up tape on the butt end of the shaft prior to the installation.

The leather straps are 39" in length with self stick adhesive added to the underside of the straps. Simply peel the backing off of the strapping prior to hand wrapping the leather straps onto the underlisting.

Premium leather grips will wear in rather than wear out. A grip that will grip in all weather conditions, rain hail and shine then you should get serious and play the world's finest handcrafted leather grips. The #1 Leather Grip used on every major golfing tour worldwide. Nothing sticks like The Grip Master leather grips. While those that are made with handmade materials wear out and lose their grip, ours wear in and maintains traction. No need to change grips every few rounds like the tour players do with handmade materials. In all weather conditions The Grip Master grips offer traction second to none and maintain a consistent traction. The secret behind this traction is our proprietary Protack, it is a system that was defined and refined based on Tour Player feedback. The Protack System is not a temporary surface coating. The Protack System is impregnated through the entire skin of the grip for the ultimate in golf grip traction and ultimately consistent performance.


  • Premium English Cowhide Leather
  • Use with underlisting (GMUL) to create custom grip sizes
  • Great for regripping classic hickory shafted golf clubs
  • Self stick adhesive attached to underside of strapping
  • Medium tackiness

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