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Warrior Golf Tomahawk 460cc Driver

  • $ 4999

The Warrior Golf Tomahawk Driver is the perfect tool for taking your golf game to the next level. Featuring Extraordinary Mass-Transfer (EMT) Technology, Maximum Cone-Shape Technology and Progressive Face Thickness Technology, this driver offers remarkable distance and dynamic speed. Its 460cc club head also produces the highest achievable Moment of Inertia for superior control and performance. Plus, it’s crowned finished in gloss black with carbon fiber appearance and includes a headcover.


  • Extraordinary Mass-Transfer Technology (EMT): Pulls weight away from the club face and redistributes it to selected areas around the perimeter of the club head providing dynamic speed and remarkable distance
  • Maximum Cone-Shape Technology (MCT): Pushes center of gravity (COG) to its limits producing a higher rebound effect for extreme velocity and trajectory
  • Progressive Face Thickness Technology (PFT): Provides maximum co-efficiency of restitution (COR) for barely legal distance according to the USGA rules
  • 460cc club head provides the highest achievable Moment of Inertia (MOI)
  • Crown Finished in Gloss Black with Carbon Fiber Appearance
  • Headcover Included!

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