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Precision Pro Golf NX9 NON-SLOPE Laser Rangefinder

  • $ 16999
  • Save $ 50

The all-new NX9 rangefinder is fast and reliable. Delivers distances in half a second. Engineered with a powerful built-in magnet that allows golfers to securely attach the rangefinder on the side of the golf cart, so that it’s within easy reach before every swing.

Free Lifetime Battery-Replacement services are included with purchase as part of our industry-leading Precision Care Package.

NX9 Features:

  • HD Optics - A crystal clear wider LCD display with 7x magnification insures that you always find the flag
  • Magnetic Grip - No more fussing with you bag mid-round.  Stick your NX9 to your cart, clubs, or any other metal object.
  • Accurate to +/- One Yard - Never doubt your distance.  The NX9 provides reliable measurements for improved club selection.
  • Pulse Vibration - Pulse Vibration Technology delivers a short burst to ensure you're locking on to the flag and not a tree (Although you can get the distances to those also!)
  • Target Acquisition - The NX9 HD's Target Acquisition Technology makes it simple to lock on even with shaky hands.
  • 2-Year Warranty - Precision stands behind their products. They will cover any issues within the first 2 years of ownership


1. NX9 Non-Slope Rangefinder

2. Premium Packaging

3. Rangefinder Carrying Case

4. Manual/Product Cards

5. Battery (Pre-Installed)

6. Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth

*Free Lifetime Battery-Replacement Services Included


Features NX9 SLOPE NX9 NX2
Adaptive Slope Feature Y N N
Magnetic Cart Mount Y Y N
Pulse Vibration Technology Y Y N
Free Batteries For Life Y Y Y
Precision Care Package Y Y Y
Shock-Proof Design Y Y Y
Water Resistant Design Y Y Y
Target Acquisition Feature Y Y Y
Accurate to One Yard Y Y Y
400 Yard Range Y Y Y
6x Magnification Y Y Y
Tournament Legal Y Y Y

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