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Volvik S4 Golf Balls - White

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(12 Count Box)

Superior Distance - World's first patented dual power core with Bismuth metal provides greater explosiveness. Unlike normal metal, Bismuth expands 3.5% in volume, leading to greater energy transfer

Superior Feel and Durability - Optimized spin rates by Urethane cover with a unique coating process for greater durability provides improved spin control and the ultimate soft feel at impact

Superior Technology - With advanced world-leading technology, the White Color S4 provides superior performance characteristics proven by some of the world's best tour professionals and extensive Iron Byron testing and flight monitor data

Change your game while playing Volvik S4 Golf Balls. Designed for golfers with swing speeds 105 mph and up, Volvik S4 Golf Balls feature Dual Cover and Dual Core layers to enable accurate shot control, increased ball speed and explosive distance. A stable 105 compression inner core creates softer, heavier feel, while the Tour-urethane cover unlocks “Tour Pro” control around the green. The optimized dimple design creates accurate, stable flight.


  • Dual Cover and Dual Core layers enable accurate shot control, increased ball speed and more distance
  • 105 compression ideal for golfers with swing speeds of 105 mph and up who seek mid-soft feel
  • Stable inner core construction creates a softer, heavier feel and increase ball speeds at impact
  • Tour urethane cover material enables soft feel and “Tour Pro” control around the green
  • Optimized dimple design creates more accurate, stable ball flight
  • 4-piece design harmonizes distance, feel and control

Volvik S4 Golf Balls – Performance Characteristics:

  • Club Head Speed : 105 mph +
  • Driver Distance: Longest
  • 9 Iron Spin: Highest
  • Short Approach Spin: Highest
  • Feel: Mid-Soft
  • Accuracy: Highest
  • Trajectory: Highest

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